Are Online Blackjack Games Fair and Trustworthy?

By 20 January 2021

After receiving an operational license from one of the international regulatory bodies, the online casino can start operating. The process ensures that the operators offer legitimate games that are certified fair. There can be two ways of performing this; first, there is the in-house auditing. The next process is by hiring a third party to conduct the audit. Professional third parties perform audits to ensure fairness in the gameplay at . A certificate of approval issued after completion of the audit.

Who Performs the Licensing of Online Blackjack Games?

Most online casinos are quick to lure players by stating that their games are safe. However, as part of the online gaming industry, all the games offered must follow the licensing procedures from an authorized body. You should ensure that your online casino is a register of one of the international regulatory bodies. With the registration to these international bodies, it proves that has fully complied with all the laws and regulations about how the casinos should run.

Some of the known licensing bodies include the UK Gambling Commission, who are infamously known for their strict rules when it comes to registering the online casinos. The body ensures that there are high standards by the online casinos to offer a high level of experience for gamblers across the world. The body levels the fear of rigged game, unfair gameplay, and tampered winning slots for games. As a safety measure, you should only play blackjack games at licensed online casinos. These include:

  • Malta
  • Gibraltar
  • Curacao

The international regulatory bodies play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the play for gamblers. The bodies also play a role in ensuring all the blackjack games are random, fair, and safe. In addition, it also helps in establishing the rules for providing the player’s funds are safe at all times. The casinos must also make a contract with all the game software developers, which also needs a license to seal the deal.

Can All the Online Blackjack Games Rigged?

The invasion of rigging on online games has caused a paradigm shift from random number generators to the live dealer counterparts. However, this does not downplay the legitimacy of the RNG blackjack games, especially if a licensed software developer offers the games. When playing from a registered software game developer, there is an assurance that the games have a test to meet the standards set. Therefore, you stand with equal winning chances with fairness at all times.

Are Video Blackjack Games Rigged on Mobile?

No reason can account for the legitimacy of the online blackjacks games through a desktop or website over a mobile version. The development of the games uses the same interface no matter the device which you access the games from. When you have the right application on your phone, the chances of having your version rigged is non-existent. Furthermore, you can also test the legitimacy of the Random Number Generator (RNG) games through the mobile version.

Can the Game Software Developer Affect the Legitimacy of the Games?

Yes. Many gaming software developers offer a wide range of online blackjack games. Therefore, you need to look at the legitimacy of the software developer before selecting an online casino. Legitimate software developers power some of the top online casinos. The games are tested for fairness to prove that the outcomes are random to the players. Other online casinos take a step to publish the payout ratios for the online blackjack games to the gamblers. Top developers include:

  • Net Ent
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • SoftGamings

What Makes You Think the Blackjack Games are Rigged?

Many people, after developing a losing streak, end up blaming the system of being rigged. It is common for people without a strategy with the games to develop a lack of trust with the gaming system at the online casino. Therefore, you should have a solid winning strategy when you choose to play online blackjack games. You should strategize on means of improving your bankroll management. Also, learn to take a break with a bad day at the casino.


Legitimacy through Ownership of Online Casinos

Over the years, several online casinos have been forced to shut down after negative complaints and reviews. Therefore, before committing to a preferred online casino, it is essential to go through the reviews for the casino. Most of the online casinos build a strong reputation and need time to prove their worth. In case of dubious ownership of the casino, that should be a red flag that you should steer away from the casino no matter the bonus incentives it offers.